What is a “Preliminary Report”?

After months of searching, you’ve finally found it — your perfect dream home. But is it perfect? Will you be purchasing more than just a beautiful home? Will you also be acquiring liens placed on the property by prior owners? Have documents been recorded that will restrict your use of the property? The preliminary report […]Read More .


Is “Accepted Offer in Less Than 24 Hours” a Bad

No question, it is currently a sellers market in the metro Milwaukee area. And as a result, we are seeing a lot of homes go under contract very quickly. In fact, of late I have seen a lot of posts on social media advertising the fact that the sellers got an “Accepted Offer in less […]Read More .


Is it Unwise to Sell Your Own Home?

If you haven’t heard, the internet has drastically changed how business is done by almost every business imaginable. Real estate is not exempt from the rapid changes in the market. Information is now the gold of yesterday. Companies that embrace technology and new ways of doing business will thrive as those that refuse to acknowledge […]Read More .


$8.4 Million Waterford Apartment Complex Planned for 2020

Brookfield real estate developer Pre/3 broke ground Friday for its planned 84-unit, $8.4 million apartment complex in Waterford, the first of seven development projects approved by the Racine County village that will bring an estimated $24 million investment to the community through tax financing. Nick WilliamsRead More .